About me

Born: 22.03.1993 in Wroclaw, Poland
Hometown: Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland
Current town: Thatcham, West Berkshire, England

My name is Anna Jarosz and I was born in Wroclaw, Poland, on the 22nd of March 1993. I have lived in a beautiful, small, tourist town called Kudowa-Zdrój at the Polish-Czech border until the age of 12, when I have moved to Thatcham in England. Big part of my life in Poland involved playing sports competitively. I have trained running, volleyball and basketball, but creative arts kept interesting me since I remember. Although I did not focus my mind on arts back then, I have used to draw from still life or just copy photographs or images by simply looking at them. I also did not have any problems in finding interesting things to do, whether being on my own or among friends, so you could not really hear from me the words ‘I am bored!’ (unfortunately, you can sometimes now). 

After the big move in 2006, my life changed completely. Not only, because of changing the place of living, but mostly because of the distance between my family and friends. Learning new language, finding new friends and just myself among the new environment took me quite a while, but doing what makes me happy and staying positive helped me to keep going no matter how hard something was. 

Year 2007 was quite important to me in terms of how it turned out in the long term, as I had to choose my GSCE subjects, which might not sound so notable for some. I have decided to take up Art & Design, Product Design, Computing and French alongside the core subjects. After completing my secondary school, I was assured of taking up Art & Design, Photography, Computing and Maths in my further education. I have applied for 6th form in 2009, but instead of selecting Photography, I chose Maths, as I had to decide between them due to the fact that the classes happened to be at the same time. Year after that, I have realized that I have made the wrong decision and I have gone back to Photography and completely gave up my Maths education. 

When it came down to the university choices, I was still contemplating between Art and Photography. At the end, I have applied for Art at the University of Chichester as my second choice and for Photography at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham as my first option. After finishing 6th form with grades A in Photography, B in Art and C in Computing I have successfully (and surprisingly for me) got into UCA. 

Now, I am not only learning new things at the university, but I am also trying to find my own way of expressing my thoughts and ways of starting conversations between me and you – my viewers. Hopefully, I will be successful and most of all, I will just enjoy it.
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